Farm and Beach Resort ?

Yes..You read that right !! It is not a typo...

As a new concept the Agpudlos Beach Resort, who is located on Tablas Island, has his own farm and is well known for organic farming. Here are grown the different varieties of vegetables for self-sufficiency of the resort and the sale on the local market.

As a new project they start to cultivate organic coffee as well as the breeding of dairy cows.
The plan for the future... biologically valuable milk products !

The Pond...

Bounded by the Farm and the Resort, embedded in Mangroves, is a idyllic Pond. Around of this you can find some land turtles and dragon flies.

The water from the sea and also the freshwater from the Linawan river has made home to Catfish and Tilapia. The best way to have also a fish farm.

You can try fishing there and you are sure to catch one.

Agriculture and tourism.... It works !!