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The Romblon Marble

Old traditions... newly discovered.

In terms of popularity, the pure handiwork received a new value again. Gone are the days of pure mechanism and the fully automated processes in the stone or marble processing.

The creative artists who master the craft of stonework are once again in demand.

You will find that in its original form on the Philippines island of Romblon, the capital of high quality marble in the Philippines. The island of Romblon is centrally located in the heart of the Philippines and among the same name of the Romblon archipelago, which consists of three main islands of Tablas, Romblon and Sibuyan.

Here, the marble is cracked always only by hand from the mountain and later on processed as well by hand, according to customer's wish.

On the island of Romblon there are at least two dozen varieties of marble and approximately 158 different shades of colours. All variations of colours, shades and grains are possible and are depending in what depth the marble was mined.

Since the beginning of the early century, the following varieties are most frequently encountered:

Carrara White ( Carrara )
Romblon green ( Green Onyx )
Romblon black ( Black Onyx )
Romblon grey
Romblon brown ( Argo )
Ilauran White

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Base plates, Tiles, Bricks in different sizes and colours are worked out from the blocks of marble.

As well, small pendants with dolphins, manta rays, hearts, crosses and also motives according to your ideas and wishes.

Mortar, ashtrays and vases in various shapes, columns, statues, sculptures, busts and even complete seating elements incl. table, whose powerful Baseframe is decorated with motifs of animals from the underwater world, are carved by hand.

Creativity without any limits ! All what is written above are just small examples of the overall portfolio. But for sure the highest quality of marble around the Philippines you can find only on Romblon. Similar to the Carrara Marble from Italy.

On a request the unprocessed Romblon marble, for further processing at any destination, can be ordered and delivered also.

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