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The Intricacies

The marble dust is the finest what you can win out off the marble. Followed by the marble powder and the so-called marble chips (granules), which is available in different sizes.

Marble Chips ( granules ) in different versions:
(tiger white, grey, mixed, green onyx und black onyx)

Examples of use:

If you need a marbled plaster, so marble dust or powder is the best choose.

The use of marble dust in a powder injection molding process is new on the market. Souvenirs, in large Edition, are already mass produced in Greece.

With a help of special binder it is even possible to imitate ancient statues faithfully.

Furthermore the powder of marble, as a base material, can be used for the disposal of stone/marble plates.

As a pure natural product, you can find this kind of marble product also in the medical and cosmetic field.

Marble Chips, also known as marble granules, is a nice product for a decorative way filling, for mosaics, landscaping, as well as the production of "Washing concrete" in its noblest kind.

Some Examples: