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The Marble Mining

Romblon - The Marble Island

Large parts of the island substance of Romblon consist of pure marble. Although this is mined for ages now, seem to be inexhaustible the occurrence.

Of course, the marble will be not cut from the mountain with some expensive diamond fitted band saws, as in Carrara (Italy), of the most famous deposit in the world, and then departed by a monster truck.

Quite the contrary... Here on Romblon everything is done by pure muscle power.

Tools for the fraction are only cutting wires, hammer and chisel as they were introduced in 1896 in Italy.

It can take weeks until a ton block of marble solves from the rock. This way to remove the popular marble from the mountain means a possible paid work for several families.

A collective wage agreement, professional associations or even protective clothing? Non-existent...

As usual in the Philippines, the marble workers of Romblon goes to her job in slippers.


If a ton block solves from its moorings and plops on the toes of a worker, he just had a bad luck and is due to his "duck foot" that he cannot work in the quarry anymore, but perhaps in a workshop.

Nobody knows the time when a huge colossus suddenly breaks off. You have bad cards, if you are in the way when the block staggers to the Valley.

(translated source: Roland Hanewald)