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Actual Accommodations in Sibuyan Island
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Where you can stay in Sibuyan Island ?

In Sibuyan Island you cannot find big hotels, but there are some beauty private villas, houses and rooms which can be rented. Some of them are located at the Olango Bay ( Sitio Olango ) a region in the SouthWest, between the majestic Mount Guiting Guiting and the sea in front.

The Olango Bay is technically located in between of San Fernando and España. Well-known as the region of the most beautiful sunsets and starting point for all activities and touring's. In a short distance you can enjoy the protected rain forest with his breathtaking nature and some of his unique waterfalls.

All available accommodations & activities, pwd. and hosted by isledreams, are listed here and be updated continuously.

Sibuyan Island Map 2017 -
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House Beachfront
House Beachfront is located close at the Olango Bay between San Fernando and España on Sibuyan Island and embedded between the Beach and the Majestic Mount Guiting Guiting.

The Boathouse
Ideal for families and small groups... The "Boathouse" is embedded in the area of house Beachfront and was build in 2014. The most used construction parts are made from natural materials such as w...

Villa Talisay Garden
Ideal for families and small groups... The 180 sqm, large Villa who is located at the Talisay Garden (Olango Bay Village) is surrounded by big Talisay Trees in a beautiful garden and comes with hi...

Apartment Talisay Garden
Located at the same area of the Villa Talisay Garden but in a different house, our guests can stay also in a cozy appartement.