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Long Term or Retirement in Sibuyan Island

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We all dream of one day retiring to a tropical paradise, or perhaps you’d like a tropical climate where you can throw away your winter clothes and live year-round in a sunny paradise.

It can be more than just a dream…your tropical island or beach life ( Retirement ) can be a reality.

Whether long term or forever, this awaits you:

- world densest rain forest
- endemic flora & fauna
- 44 discovered waterfalls
- the cleanest river in the Philippines
- the majestic 2058m high Mt. Guiting Guiting
- and superfriendly citizens

In short, a small paradise for hikers, nature lovers, watersport enthusiasts, or simply to relax with a book in your hand.

If you like the idea of getting away from it all on an island surrounded by crystal-clear waters, where the pace of life is slow and the lifestyle affordable, or to have a second home in a unique tropical island with different climate zones, land close to the beach or on the hillside, then feel free to contact us.

Welcome in Sibuyan Island | Philippines

Investment in Sibuyan Island

On the island of Sibuyan, real pioneering is in demand and also required. If you like to be settled here, or "only" to invest, usually you start first with the selection of land and subsequent house building, or the purchase of existing property, if available.

After your first island explorations, quickly becomes clear, here is the right place to realize some dreams. First, there are just visions, then the ideas grow and ultimately all is driven in projects. We have already implemented a couple of visions and ideas in some projects, others will certainly follow for sure.

Big hotels or something like that are not planned. But it will be the small things which will determine the future of Sibuyan's flair. We have compiled a probably constantly changing list of ideas for potential buyers and investors and we are looking forward to new neighbors with a true pioneering spirit...

For aivailable portions of land and/or offered vacation homes ( most on beachland ) feel free to visit EnviTropic Real Estates