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Diving & Snorkeling

Before we start here we have to say something about the underwater world here around Sibuyan Island.

To be honest...Long time ago the regions around was suffering from dynamite fishing and for that some of the coral banks at the coastline are destroyed.

But...Since years the dynamite fishing is stopped. At this point a big 'Thank you' goes to Honorable Mayor Dindo C. Rios who fight always against dynamite fishing and to protect the nature environment.

Small and slowly but surely new corals comes up again at the coastline and starts blooming again .
Not all spots are listed yet, because Sibuyan Island.. for now... iwas not a real "HotSpot" for scuba divers and

Thomas 'Tom' Hellwig ( the owner of the Boathouse ) initiate officially a discovery to register all intact coral reefs and banks especially in the SouthWest region of Sibuyan Island.

Certified Scuba Divers are invited to help to explore the underwater world of Sibuyan.

For the bginning, it starts in the SouthWest region of Sibuyan Island, precisely from...

- Barangay Agtiwa in the west, close to Romblon Island
- the Sitio Olango Bay as the base for dive operations
- crossing the entire region of Azagra
- until the region around Brangay Otod


The very first spot is marked and catalogued for scuba divers and snorklers.
Thanks to the Aboitiz Family who was with us on board of the 'Kalinga' to find surprisely this beauty coral reef on the open sea

Named Scuba Dive Spot: "Aboitiz Reef"

The first spots are catalogued and opened for scuba divers and snorklers.
Thanks to Markus Malabad (PHIL), Uwe Michaelis (GER) & Oscar Israelsson (SWE) to be there to explore.

Named Scuba Dive Spot: "Sinking Boat"