Sibuyan Island (the original) | Magdiwang, Romblon
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The history of Magdiwang begun sometime in 17th century. A group of religious missionaries led by Valentine Ayala found settlement in this place originally named the place Magallanes, in honor of Ferdinand Magallanes. On January 1, 1947, The Philippine President signed the Republic Act no. 48 making Magdiwang as a Municipality.

Situated in the island of Sibuyan, the municipality of Magdiwang is bounded by the municipality of Cajidicocan in the east and the municipality of San Fernando in the south and by Sibuyan Sea on the north. Magdiwang is known for its dense forest, which is one of the favorites by mountain climbers to conquer and explore. The island possesses endemic and rare species that cannot be found elsewhere in the country. Scientific research, education and recreation rare only some of the reasons why it is the favorite area of foreigners. The island has an abundance of corral reefs, and mangroves.

The total land area of Magdiwang is 11,190 hectares. The municipality is hilly and has a mountainous terrain. The town has the following soil classification: Tupi loam, Laylay sandy clay loam and Mogpog Farson Complex.

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The woods and forests are always so near and alive. The rivers and the falls, from Dalipi to the sparkling torrents of Cataja Falls, gouged from solid rock by eons. The verity of nature becomes more palpable due to the thundering water and that are partly hidden by a tangle of trees and brush.

- Stretches over two kilometer on the western side of Magdiwang facing the Sibuyan Sea.

- The pride of Magdiwang and the whole Romblon, this is the highest peak in Sibuyan Island, reaching a highest of 6,725 feet. Its northeast ridge has a series of jagged peaks from which the mountain earned its name Guiting-Guiting that means, "saw tooth" in the local vernacular. Mountaineers would love to take the challenge and siege the rugged terrain of the mountain.

- Romantic hideaway marked by huge boulders that deflect the cascade from the heights, the park is complimented by other tourist potentials that is constantly developed for town beautification because of its lush greenery. The falls has a natural pool with cool surroundings, ideal for swimming and picnics.