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Kitesurfing / Kiteboarding Sibuyan Island
Sibuyan Adventures - Tour Operator - Olango Bay
Kiteboarding Sibuyan Island

Sibuyan Island is a Class 2 Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing Destination and offers several spots for kitesurfing (kiteboarding), and/or windsurfing.
These are distributed throughout the island and easily reachable by bike or tricycle.

On request, we will bring you on the island of "Cresta de Gallo" which is located in front of the island of Sibuyan.

South Seas flair, like a Robinson Crusoe Island, non overpopulated beach and a sufficient breeze are the dream of wind and kite surfers.

Kitesurfing as it really doesn't get any better. Enough room for kite & Grill sessions, standing areas and shallow water areas for beginner, free area for moves and, and, and. Whoever loves the freedom of wind, is definitely right here!

If you travel in a group of 6 friends, you have maximum benefits.

- Special prices for accommodation in the Boathouse
- In a group trips to the island "Cresta de Gallo" are also cheaper for individuals.

On the island of Sibuyan, as well as on the island of "Cresta de Gallo" there are no surf schools, repair centers, or special rental equipment yet. Requests from interested parties and investors and sponsors are desirable!

Sibuyan Adventures - Tour Operator - Olango Bay
Kitesurf Challenge 2016

The Visayas Challenge, it’s the kite adventure of a lifetime and a totally different way to discover the stunning islands of the Philippines.

This is your chance to experience open-ocean kiting at its best and all supported throughout by the KTA Traveler safety team. The distance you kite each day does depend on the wind, but you can expect to travel an average distance of between 50-100 km a day.

You will be kiting along the beautiful coastlines of Romblon Province in the central Visayas region of the Philippines, passing deserted islands and sandbanks, being created by the friendly people’s that live along the coast. It is quite a buzz when the local school you are passing empties and the school kids run along the beach to cheer you on your way.

As well as the distance challenge, there will be opportunities to discover and explore the places we stop at or you can just enjoy a freeride session in a place no one has kited before.

Your luggage will be shuttled by us each day to the next stopping point for you.While our rescue boat will follow you throughout the journey to ensure you won’t get lost and that you always have a helping hand nearby if you should need it.

The journey will take you from the beautiful Sibuyan Island to the old world Spanish charm of the provinces capital Romblon.

From taking in the sights and sounds at Romblon you will then kite onto the Alads and Cobrador Islands before reaching the largest of your island stops Tablas. Carabao and the kite mad island of Boracay wraps up the Visayas Challenge, where we will celebrate your successful trip with one of Asia’s most stunning sunsets from the world famous White Beach.

In all it’s a 300 Km challenge, so get ready and train for this one.

Sibuyan Adventures - Kiteboarding

Click on the map below to see our active Kitesurf/Kiteboarding Spots.
The unbeatable Spot: Cresta de Gallo
We bring you there for a whole day, as often you like
The white beach, the blue sky, the turquise water...will be yours

Sibuyan Island Map 2017 -
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