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Dagubdob Falls

The Dagubdob fall is one of the most popular destinations between San Fernando and España.

Located near Cross Country the environment of the Dagubdob waterfall consists of several natural pools that spread over 4 levels.

The entire area has also protected plants as so-called pitcher plant (nepenthes sibuyanensis) as well as some wild orchids.

Dagubdob 4 Level Waterfall in Sibuyan Island - Espana

Dagubdob 4 Level Waterfall

The redesign of the terrain was in 2011 by the ABS-CBN Foundation chaired by Gina Lopez, as a Foundation commissioned and made available to the tourism.

Meanwhile here are a few shady cabanas are located, as well as a viewing platform with a wonderful view over the area of the Dagubdob Falls. Of course, bathing in the pools is possible and also allowed.

Get out passing to the "yellow orchids" in the surrounding rainforest. This pleasant trail will give you a first "taste" of one of the major rainforest tours, or even a hike to the Mount Guiting Guiting.

Day trips can be booked accordingly.