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Kweba (Cave) Fall

Deep & hidden, in the middle of the rain forest of the island Sibuyan, there is the location of the "Kweba waterfall ".

The Kweba waterfall was discovered in December 2015 in the vicinity of the Olango Bay. In the local language, "Kweba" means as much as cave or grotto, and in fact...

...this powerful waterfall is behind a open cave revealed.

Surrounded by 2 lagoons, one in front of the cave and an additional ( hidden ) one in the back this fall receive already a "famous" status.

It takes an about 2-3 hour hike with the Sibuyan Adventures Guides to reach the private property of this waterfall.

Kweba ( Cave ) Waterfall - The most famous fall in Sibuyan Island

Kweba ( Cave ) Waterfall